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We use your interview to discuss your experience and career plans. Whether you are an NQT or recently retired, your reasons for choosing supply teaching as a career choice are relevant to your application.

The second part of the interview process is your Induction where the expectations of schools regarding supply teachers and supply teaching are discussed at length.


The following are covered during your Induction:


Job description

All our teachers have a job description, which outlines their specific role and responsibilities.


Daily Duties and Responsibilities

At interview these are fully discussed in order that our teachers are made fully aware of the needs and expectations of schools in relation to supply cover.



All applicants are provided with guidance and advice to create an awareness of school policies and procedures that they need to be aware of.


Helpful Hints

The Helpful Hints section of the Induction Pack provides guidance with regard to curriculum delivery and classroom management.


Child Protection

The safety and protection of children is of the highest priority to CCES and therefore the interview is also used to vet a teacher’s application so that schools can feel confident that appropriate teachers are working in their schools.