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If you’re a teacher looking for a supply teaching job or a permanment teaching job and wish to join our recruitment service, please click on the registration icon. 

If you have any questions on our teaching recruitment services, Please click on the enquiry icon, or telephone us on 01206 241843 and we will be happy to help.

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Our Online Service

Our Online Service

Once registered with CCES, you will have unique access to your personal login page on our website. Once logged in you will find a number of highly beneficial services designed to make working on supply an enjoyable and entirely manageable work choice. These services include:-

Managing Your Home Page

You can customise your Home Page on our website to suit your own needs.

Your personalised calendar will always be available for you to view and you will be able to choose the education news feeds that you wish to receive.

Personalised Calendar

You can update your availability, view your work diary and mark days as available and unavailable. By doing this, you will ensure we know exactly which days we should contact you about work and which days you are unavailable.


You can view all of the bookings you have accepted as our system allows you to open up a summary of all previous bookings completed through CCES.

The School Directory

You can access the following information about schools:-

  • Location
  • Contact information
  • The start and finish times of the school day
  • Information specific to each school (which you will find under the general information section at the bottom of the page).

Route Planning

Route planning is easy when you use the interactive map on your home page.