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Returning to Teaching

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

Would you like to teach a different subject or brush up on your present teaching subject?

A SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) Teaching Course may be the answer.

To enrol on to a post ITT SKE course you must be a qualified teacher with QTS who has been out of teaching for more than 3 years.

SKE courses are open to both teachers wishing to brush up on their own specialist teaching subject and to those considering side stepping to another teaching subject area.

If you would like to teach maths, physics, chemistry, computing, design and technology or a language then you may be eligible, it will depend on your level of study in that particular subject.

For further information please visit the Department for Education website by using the following link.

Additional Training for Teachers

Unfortunately, if you are a primary teacher or a secondary teacher who teaches a subject other than the ones listed above, options are more limited.

Some teacher training providers may offer courses that would be applicable to returning teachers, it is best to contact your local providers or the Department for Education for the most up to date information.

The link below provides practical advice for returning teachers.

Supply Teaching as a Route to Returning to Teaching

Supply teaching is a great way of building up your teaching experience and getting back in to the classroom. It allows you to dip your foot in the water in small chunks (starting with half day placements). You can re-enter the classroom without taking on too much responsibility. It gives you the opportunity to improve your teaching skills and develop your learning.

CCES can support you through this process by organising observation days in school before you start teaching and working with schools to ensure your re-entry is as smooth as possible. If you would like to gain some constructive feedback on your teaching, we can arrange lesson observations. With a school’s permission, a member of our team will be happy to provide this service.

We have a number of websites and teaching forums listed on CCES’s website which are very helpful with regard to curriculum content, classroom management and assessment.