Teacher Information

Multi-Agency Registration

You can register with as many teaching job agencies as you wish but you need to be aware that under The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, if you take an assignment in a school with one agency, unless you have had a break of 8 weeks from the day after your last day or 14 weeks from the first day (the first day is either the start of the first assignment or the start of a repeat assignment following a break of more than 42 days since any previous assignment), you cannot work in that school through a different agency unless the school pays the first agency an introduction fee, which in many cases they are not willing to do.

Third Party Payroll / Umbrella Companies 

Payment via an umbrella company is a standard way for larger agencies to pay supply teachers. Please be aware that if you sign up to an umbrella company or third party payroll you are responsible for completing expense forms and keeping receipts in case you are audited.
If you register with CCES (Classroom Call)  it is your decision to sign up to an umbrella company or to be paid via PAYE. We are aware that the arrangements that exist between teaching agencies and umbrella companies may only suit those teachers who work full-time and therefore it is not a requirement of registration with CCES. 

We appreciate that teachers who only work two or three days a week, who do not claim for the purchase of their lunch and who do not drive long distances may find that they lose money when they are tied up with an umbrella company.

Therefore we give teachers the option of using the form of salary payment that best suits their own needs. We are very happy to organise the payment of a teacher’s salary through an umbrella company of their choice or one selected by CCES.

Introduction Fees 

If CCES places you in a school and the school subsequently offers you a contract you would need to notify CCES as the school would be liable to pay an introduction fee as per our Terms of Business. All schools have been issued with a Client Pack which contains our Terms of Business and therefore Headteachers will be fully aware of these arrangements.

Teachers' Pensions

Unfortunately, due to government regulations agencies cannot contribute to the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme.

Over the next few years all employers will have to provide workers with a workplace pension scheme by law and this new programme is called ‘automatic enrolment’. This is a rolling scheme and all employees will have to be enrolled by 2018.

AWR Rules 

The Agency Workers Regulations were introduced in October 2011 and it's quite a complex piece of EU legislation, but in summary it requires that once a teacher has worked for twelve weeks in the same school, doing the same role, without a break of six weeks or more, they are then entitled to comparative pay.

For more detailed information please go to our Useful Document tab and download our AWR Information Sheet.

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