The Rewards of Supply Teaching


Supply teaching allows you to be flexible about your working week and have full control of your diary. Days off for personal reasons can be taken when it suits you and not at the discretion of your head teacher. Holidays can be taken outside of the expensive school holiday periods.


Supply teaching offers a variety of experiences in a variety of schools. You are given the opportunity to visit lots of different schools, meet new members of staff and gain a wider range of experience than many full-time teachers.

Work Life Balance

Planning, target-setting, assessments, and meetings are all part of a teacher’s daily work and eat into their personal and family life as well.  Supply teaching can provide relief from the stress and pressure of a full-time commitment and offer the opportunity to focus on what teachers love best and that is teach.


If you’re moving to a new area, supply work allows you to familiarise yourself with schools in your new location and allows you to meet your new community. You’ll get a good insight into community life, facilities, problems and advantages through your work with children and their families.  Supply teaching offers up the chance to work in different schools so that you can make a more informed choice before settling into a permanent job.

Return to Teaching

Maybe you’ve had some time out from the classroom after having children or perhaps you have tried your hand at a new career and are now thinking of making a return to the classroom. On a return to teaching you will need to update your experience, become aware of current developments and initiatives in education and spend time in classrooms refreshing your skills. Time spent in the classroom will ensure that returning to teaching is the right decision for you and of course supply teaching can provide you with this opportunity.


Many teachers view supply teaching as a period of professional development as it provides them with the chance to talk to other teachers, observe different teaching styles and practice, learn about new ways of planning, assessment, work under new leadership teams and generally have access to new school environments. 


On retirement, some teachers find it hard to say goodbye to the classroom and embark on supply teaching as it enables them to continue to teach without commitment. Supply teachers can do as little or as much work as they choose, wherever and whenever they please.